Lisa Heijboer-Gierveld


Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Dance & Shine

Owner of LEZ / Hiphop / Teams / Kidsswing / Peuterdans / Jump / Vooropleiding / H.I.T. / Hiphop28+ / Talentclass / Booty&Core

Selina Baumann


Be you, Do you, Dance for you

Hiphop / Open Urban / Teams / Kidsswing / Booty&Core / Zumba / H.I.T. / Yoga / Talentclass / Jump

Kyra Pot


Dance like nobody’s watching

Hiphop / Jump / Jump Kids / H.I.T.

Emma Veldhuis


Dance to express not to impress

Hiphop / Ballet / Kidsswing / Modern / Selectie / H.I.T. / Talentclass

Joey de Vries


Creating is like talking, and there should be no time or limit to when we talk

Open Urban / Teams / Talentclass

Petit Bagaza


If you wanna be happy, dance Afro

Afro Dance Junioren / Afro Dance Adults

Pim Heijboer


The only bad workout is no workout

Mannen H.I.T.

Carmen Chloë


Trust me, you can dance


Renan Machado Cardoso


Dancing is about feeling the music and letting your body move

Zumba / Jump

Jay-Bee Denekamp


Bust a move


Robin Mol


Never miss a chance to dance

Kidsswing / Peuterdans

Tess oude Nijhuis


Dance first think later

Hiphop / Kidsswing / Kidsjump

Juliët Oude Avenhuis


Everybody can sing, just do it

Zang / Musical Song & Dance / Vooropleiding

Ruth Harmelink


You’re only one workout away from a good mood

Jump / H.I.T. / Hiphop28+

Femke Morsink


Dance before the music is over


Nathalie Kip


Fit is not a destination, it’s a way of life

Pilates / 55+training

Sophie Seiger


Why walk when you can dance

Hiphop / Kidsswing / Jump / Jump Kids / H.I.T.

Kim Sanne Hilderink


Life is better when you dance

Modern / Ballet

Marjolein Vinke


Dance with your heart and your feet will follow

Show Musical

Merel Gerritsen


Theatre is my sport

Theater Volwassenen / Theater Kids

Esmee Mardjan


I don’t squat, I plié

Modern / Klassiek Ballet / Vooropleiding

Irla Pot


Why walk when you can dance

Jump Kids